Let’s connect.

Thank you for listening to my podcast interview. I hope there were multiple nuggets of insight that felt actionable! Should we continue the conversation?

Here are some reasons why we might want to chat:

  • Speed: Do you need to fill critical roles quickly to avoid revenue loss?
  • Strategy: Still crafting job descriptions, org charts, or hiring plans?
  • Executive: Do you require discretion and a consultative advisor?
  • Capacity: Do you lack the time and energy to recruit?
  • Unicorn: Is your hiring criteria ultra-specific?
    (Hint: most likely, yes.)
  • Fresh Eyes: Not finding the one? Need access to a vast network?

If at least one of those pain points is plaguing you, we should definitely talk!

Headshot of Jess Thibault, VP of Growth

Jess Weems Thibault

VP of Growth