Exploring the Future of EdTech - Jess Weems Thibault on Digital Workspace Works

Discover the future of education technology through the eyes of Jess Weems Thibault, the VP of Growth at HireEducation, in an insightful interview with Ryan Purvis on the Digital Workspace Works podcast. Gain exclusive insights into HireEducation’s pioneering approach to building impactful sales teams tailored for the dynamic edtech sector. You can listen to and watch the full episode here, and/or read the summary of Jess’s comments below.

Digital Workspace Works explores “the ecosystem that blends people, process and technology so that work can get done.” As headhunters, our team at HireEducation spans both our own digital workspace as a remote-first company and the broad range of digital workspaces of our clients across the education technology & services industry. Through this conversation Ryan and Jess explore both of these angles and the future of technology in education as well.

Jess delves into the core of HireEducation’s mission, showcasing their expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of educational technology. “We really understand the educational technology space,” Jess emphasizes, “which can be extremely helpful for our clients.” This deep understanding allows HireEducation to craft high-profit, high-impact teams across various domains including sales, marketing, product operations, executive leadership, and customer success.

At the heart of our strategy lies authenticity and empathy. “Unlike other headhunters, we bring a lot of heart and authenticity to our work,” Jess explains. By forging trust and partnerships with both clients and candidates, HireEducation ensures maximum effectiveness in matching talent with opportunity.

Remote-first culture poses unique challenges, particularly in fostering company culture. Jess highlights the importance of cultural alignment and growth opportunities for candidates. “Culture is the hardest thing for any remote-first company,” she notes. Yet, amidst these challenges, HireEducation excels in identifying top-tier talent for their clients, facilitating seamless transitions into remote work environments.

The impact of COVID-19 on education cannot be understated. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of edtech solutions, illuminating existing gaps in the system. “COVID didn’t cause anything in education,” Jess reflects, “all it did was accentuate the cracks that were already there.” AI integration and remote platforms have emerged as key trends, revolutionizing the way students learn and educators teach.

However, amidst these advancements, questions linger regarding the efficacy of educational tools. “Which tools will be the most effective to improve educational outcomes?” Jess poses. HireEducation frequently witnesses how rigorous efficacy research ensures taxpayer-funded initiatives yield tangible results.

Beyond K-12 education, the pandemic has sparked conversations about the future of higher education. “Does everyone need a college degree?” Jess questions. Credentialing services and MOOCs offer viable alternatives, reshaping traditional notions of education and workforce development. Of course, this challenges a lot of assumptions and brings up the question, is the degree the ultimate goal of education or is the goal economic mobility?

2023 was a lean year for hiring, and not just in edtech. Companies in all industries were very conservative with hiring and then there were lots of layoffs as well. Executive-level roles were locked down and there wasn’t much shifting and schools were trying to figure out what they needed to spend money on and what funding would look like in the future, which affected the edtech companies who served them.

Looking ahead, 2024 signals a resurgence in hiring across industries, particularly in edtech. “At HireEducation, we have far more open roles that we’re looking to fill with top candidates than we did in 2023,” Jess reveals. As the edtech sector gears up for expansion, now is the time to tune in, learn, and envision the future of education with Jess and HireEducation. Listen to the full episode for an exclusive glimpse into the forefront of edtech innovation.

Looking to hire? Book a quick chat with Jess to learn more: hireedu.com/jess

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