Our Approach

Partners through the process, the HireEducation team provides open communication and a clear plan for each unique search.

Our Candidate Process

Phase 1

Join Our Network

Tell us about yourself!  What makes you sing?  What do you do that makes others stand up and notice?!

Submit an application to an open job or complete a general application. We reach out to chat when we think we have a job that is a fit.

Phase 2


If it’s a match made in heaven, we get busy!

We talk and make sure we know exactly what job characteristics would be fulfilling and exciting to you. If it’s a fit, we present your resume and profile to our client. We typically present 3-8 candidates per job.

Phase 3

Active Candidacy

Every client is different and every candidate is different.  Our goal is to be as helpful as we can.

If the client agrees that you could be a good fit, they start interviewing. We provide interview prep and debrief calls to help you present your best self.

This process is pretty unique to each company, but typically includes a few interview rounds and sometimes a project or presentation. We communicate almost daily during the final interview stages to guide you through the process.

If an offer is extended, we provide full support for negotiations and resignation from your old job. Then we celebrate with you!

Our Client Process

Phase 1


Reach out and let’s chat! We will get to know each other and explore what a partnership could look like.

Phase 2


If it’s a fit, we get to work. First step is to dig in and make sure we know what it takes to sell your company and the opening to a field of stellar candidates!

Phase 3

Active Search

Then, we leverage our 60k+ network and finely crafted search skills to find the perfect match. Our goal is 100 candidates in the pipeline.

Our recruiters are trained to interview/qualify candidates via a phone call conversation. We’ll send candidates that we believe you’ll like and help you navigate through the vetting process.

With things rolling, we will communicate almost every day. Time kills deals! Quick and detailed feedback is key. We aim for 100% of submittals to be interviewed and clear feedback helps us refine the search.
When you are ready to extend an offer, we present it to the candidate and facilitate any needed negotiations. Then we celebrate your new addition and future growth.


Candidate FAQ

Sometimes you need Yelp, but sometimes you need a concierge. Tell us what your career path looks like and we will walk alongside you until retirement. Use us for coaching, unmatched market intel, and connections in our robust network.

We help you refine your personal marketing materials, including: your email communications, your resume, and your interview habits. Above all, we bring you into our network and provide direct access to the best hiring managers in the business.

The companies we recruit for pay us. You don’t pay anything!

Maybe. Companies do not typically engage a recruiter for entry-level positions, but we have some advice and good resources for you.

We are also happy for you to send us your general resume which enters you into our database for the future.

Client FAQ

  1. We are relentless and fearless.  We have been doing this since 2006.  No online database or internal team can match our breadth and depth.
  2. The best candidates are not actively looking (they need to be recruited!) and a job posting only attracts those looking for a job.
  3. Time. We cannot stress enough how much time we will save you.

Our quickest placement, from search contract signed to offer extended, was two weeks. We can move quickly, but keep in mind that when it comes to a speedy hire, the biggest factor is your ability to provide quick feedback and your internal processes.

No company is too small. In fact, employees in small companies play such a huge role in the success of a business that our value proposition is particularly strong here. We have placed people in pivotal positions at many of the leading startup companies in EdTech!