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Why Us

Because we live, breathe, and love Educated hiring, we’ve honed our industry knowledge and built an extensive network of client and candidate contacts all while having a blast! 

What We Do

We help build teams. We find people for whom you want to create openings. We pay close attention to culture. And we win. Over and over again.  

Who We Are

We are startup founders. We are campus presidents. We are record-breaking, award-winning recruiters.  We are TFA alums. We are the best recruiters you’ll find.


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Why Us

Education and Talent Management Recruitment: Because we love what we do.

Because we live, breathe, and love Education, whether PK20, Corporate Ed Tech, or Corporate Learning, we’ve honed our industry knowledge and built an extensive network of client and candidate contacts all while having a blast! Our enthusiasm for what we do makes it easy for us to put in the extra effort to bring you a reach that’s deeper and wider than anyone else’s. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our knowledge, contacts, and exuberance as we create a recruiting experience that delivers results.

Our Clients

“The team at HireEducation gets it. They were quick to understand our recruitment goals then develop a plan to help us achieve them. We enjoy working with our partners at HireEducation and look forward to their continued support in helping us grow as an organization.”

– James M. Stoffer – VP of Sales at Mastery Connect

“HireEducation has been valuable for Adaptive Curriculum. When we needed experienced and high-performer sales and marketing talent, we turned to them because of their experience in Education Technology and the results we have seen them deliver for us and other clients. Working with the HireEducation team was an easy and efficient process Ultimately, we hired an exceptional professional thanks to them.”

– Jim Bowler – CEO at Adaptive Curriculum

“The HireEducation team worked hard to hone in on the challenges of recruiting a hands-on General Manager for VocabularySpellingCity based in Ft Lauderdale. Thanks to them, we feel we got a great fit with our culture and somebody who fits our needs to address the market more systematically and at a larger scale.”

– John Edelson – CEO at VocabularySpellingCity

“HireEducation has been a great partner for the needs of my business in the Education Market. With constant change in the Education Marketplace, this partnership has helped me understand the hiring landscape, identify key profiles to align our needs, and source the right candidates. HireEducation’s responsiveness and professionalism are great, and their value is tremendous.”

– Shawn Boom – Vice President, Blackboard

“Spencer and the team at HireEducation have been top-notch partners for us.  They deliver quick results, are peerless communicators, and support both candidate and client during every step of the hiring process.  I highly recommend their services to any company looking to gain an edge.”

– John Kruthoffer, VP of Sales

“Cat and the HireEducation team do an excellent job of understanding our company, the needs of the position and the cultural traits we desire! She helped us hire three people in less than three months when we had struggled to find good candidates!”

– Patrick Branham, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

What We Do

For Clients

We find, attract, and secure your ideal hire using a process that works. Really, really well.

No two companies are exactly alike, which is why we begin our process by gaining a deep understanding of your organization and business goals. We then leverage this knowledge against our industry experience to bring you candidates who delight you.

For Candidates

Think of us as your personal career coach.

We use our knowledge of how specific hiring managers think and interview to help get your personal marketing materials into shape. We can also provide coaching and industry insights as we work together to grab the attention of the company that’s right for you.

Who We Are


Great people make for great companies. These are the people who make ours.

Mark Phillips, CEO & Founder
Katie Morrison, Vice President of Operations
Jack Ryan, Account Executive K12
Gabie Chaillot
Kendell Boysen
Kinley Catania


For Clients

Why should I use your services when I have an HR department and a LinkedIn account?

While resume databases and online ads can be good at generating responses for open positions, the quality of candidates can vary greatly, requiring you or your HR department to spend a significant amount of time sifting through the applications. In addition, most of these responses come from active job seekers rather than happily employed candidates.

What does your recruiting process look like?

We begin your search by mining our database of over 32,000 Education candidates, most of whom we have relationships with. After selecting the candidates we think will be good fits for your position and culture, we conduct phone screens. From there, we provide you with write-ups for the candidates we believe are best for you. Then, you let us know the candidates you’d like to interview, and we help schedule. Throughout the process, we keep our eyes and ears open for areas of strength or red flags and collaborate with you to make sure that the strongest candidates remain engaged. If an offer is extended, we help close the candidate and counsel you on the best ways to make the hire.

How quickly can you find someone?

Our quickest placement, from search contract signed to offer extended, was two weeks. We can move quickly, but keep in mind that when it comes to a speedy hire, the biggest factor is your process.

Do you offer any guarantee?

While we strive to find your career soulmate from the get-go, we guarantee our placements for 45 days so that you can be sure the candidate is a good fit for your company and can perform the duties he or she was hired to do.

Are we too small to use a headhunter?

No company is too small. In fact, employees in small companies play such a huge role in the success of a business that our value proposition is particularly strong here.

For Candidates

Why should I use your recruiting services?

Our relationships with hiring managers and our deep industry experience allow us to not only identify the positions for which you’ll be a strong fit but also the positions that align with your passions.

What services do you offer your candidates?

We help you refine your personal marketing materials, including: your email communications, your resume, and your interview habits. Above all, we bring you into our network and provide direct access to the best hiring managers in the business.

How are you paid?

The companies we recruit for pay us. Our fee is often based on a percentage of your annual compensation.

If I’m trying to get into the Education and Education Technology industry, can you help?

Possibly. Our clients usually hire us to find employees with deep industry experience. And while our focus is on meeting our clients’ requirements rather than moving candidates through industry changes, we’re always happy to talk and will probably have a good networking suggestion or two for you.

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