Our Team & Values

HireEducation started in 2010 under the leadership of Mark Phillips (CEO and Punmaster). Our team is scrappy and hard working. We are a remote team of entrepreneurs, growing HireEducation right alongside you and often facing similar challenges.

Mark Phillips

CEO (aka Punmaster)

“I run all operations and support my team in their business development, account management, recruiting, and sourcing efforts.”

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Katie Morrison

Katie Morrison

VP of Operations (aka Growth Orchestrator)

“I love putting out fires as they come up and solving issues that no one even knows exist!”

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Jess Weems Thibault

VP of Marketing (aka Data Storyteller)

“I spend my days finding the most creative and compelling ways to tell you how HireEducation can guide you (or your business) to fulfilling growth. And I eat data for breakfast.”

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Gabie Chaillot, Recruiter

Gabie Chaillot

Account Director (aka Strategic Listener)

“My role is to talk to people (but mostly listen), in order to help them find ways to be strategic with their careers.”

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Kinley Catania

Research Manager (aka Seeker)

“I ensure the integrity of our database by way of meticulous assessment of contact records and pipeline building to achieve maximum engagement for our recruiting team. If you’re kicking butt in edtech, you’ve likely noticed me peeping at your LinkedIn profile!”

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Kent Downing

Account Director (aka Matchmaker)

“I’m like an employment therapist meets matchmaker. I listen carefully to the needs of employers and job seekers and then make a match that leads to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

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Jack Ryan

Account Director (aka Relationship Builder)

“I create and build relationships with people to help them further their careers, build their companies, and hopefully better their lives.”

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