Change is in the Air: Don’t Get Blown Away

During the fall it feels like change is everywhere. We’re not just talking about work – it’s in the air: The weather is getting cooler, there’s not as much daylight, our clocks shift, the holidays are approaching, the calendar year is ending, elections take place, and everyone is getting ready for next year.

In schools, the semester is ending, students and teachers may be preparing for new classes in the second half of the year, and everyone is looking forward to some time off during winter break.

It’s the same in the workplace. The fiscal year may be coming to a close, you may be facing performance reviews, your company’s strategic focus may be shifting, and you may be preparing to take some vacation time. We’ve talked about this a few different ways before – there are some great things to do as your work year winds down and a new year ramps up (as opposed to during the summer at more of the mid-year point, which is similar yet different) – but would like to dig a bit deeper.


How can you take advantage of this season when everything is shifting?

Think about the changes that may be coming in the next month or so at work. Figure out what your role in these changes will be, or if you’re unsure, be proactive and start a conversation with your boss about it. Anticipating change and being strategic about your response to it instead of reactive not only gives you a competitive edge but gives you more peace of mind during what may be uncertain times.

As you chat with your clients, potential clients, and co-workers, realize that they are all going through many of the same changes. How can this become a point of connection and empathy with your network? It may seem like a small thing, but as we said in another post, sales start in relationship. These shared experiences give you a chance to deepen your connection with both your internal and external network in a mutually beneficial way.

Business success hinges on both anticipating change and being able to problem-solve and roll with changes as they come. And they will come – that’s a guarantee. How can you maximize the result of changes in both your personal life and professional life?

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