The Power of Relationship in Sales

Selling happens in relationship.

Lately we’ve been talking about this concept a lot. For people who aren’t used to selling or persuading others, when they think about what’s required to sell someone a product or an idea, they tend to overestimate the value of techniques such as a perfectly worded email or an amazing social campaign. While these methods are all well and good, nobody’s buying anything unless they have some sort of a trusting relationship with you.

At the top of the sales funnel, 95% of the work is about getting to a place of conversation and relationship with someone else.

Perhaps below a certain cost threshold (think about a $10 grocery item or something like that) relationships aren’t as important, but even when buying a pair of running shoes you probably look at Internet reviews or talk to the salesperson and take advice from others on what to buy. Those are relationships.

Back in the day in enterprise software sales, people used to poo-poo “Relationship Sales” as being really old-fashioned. The phrase conjured an image of an enormous Rolodex and returning to the same people for everything. That’s not what we mean here. You can’t understand what someone needs and can’t have an appreciation of their pain points without first building a relationship.

When salespeople are really nervous about taking a first step, we always advise them to remember that people are people. We all have needs and have solutions to offer, and the crux of the selling process is sorting through those things with another person in real time.

To make any sale, there must be:

  • Relationship
  • Conversation
  • Connection
  • Trustworthiness

This is hugely important to keep in mind in any business enterprise, not just for salespeople with a quota. You won’t know if you’re good for a career option until you talk to someone about it.

As recruiters, that’s what we do every day. We talk to companies and people about their needs and wants and make the best match possible for both. We would love to begin a relationship with you! Give us a call at 877-HIRE-EDU to see how we can help you or your company.

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