How to Break into the Edtech Industry

The edtech (educational technology) industry, as with any other industry, has its own culture and terminology. If you don’t have a background in edtech, how can you break into the industry and find a great job? We’ve compiled a few tips below.

  1. EdSurge Job Board: Keep an eye on this page. Their job board is a great resource for staying on top of the wide range of jobs available in edtech. 
  2. Edtech Meetups and Conferences: Are there any in your area? GO! These meetups are great networking opportunities.
  3. Become a Student of Your Market: Get to know the competitors, understand the funding sources, dig into the buying constituencies, and so on for each prospective employer you want to target.
  4. Talk to People in the Industry: If you know someone already working in edtech, ask if you can pick their brain. Meet for coffee and ask about their experiences and things you might need to know. If you don’t know people in the industry, maybe you know others who do. Ask for introductions. Tap your network. Use LinkedIn to make connections (look around for hashtags to follow that will connect you with people in a similar position to you, #transitioningteachers for example).
  5. You Win When the Company Hires You: Study up on listening and persuasion skills. Treat the interview like a sales pitch, even if you’re not a salesperson. Daniel H. Pink digs into this in his book, To Sell Is Human.
  6. Do Not Rely on Applications: Use LinkedIn and map out an org chart. Send a professional message to the hiring manager. Call if you can. Network your way in.

The edtech industry isn’t closed to people not already “in the know,” it just takes a little work and some networking to connect with the right players. Be your own recruiter!

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